My Personal Collection

Over the last few years I've hunted quite a few bottles. While my collection is somewhat impressive, it's nowhere near complete. I'm aware of several collections that are nearly complete and I tip my hat to those with both deep pockets, and the ability to find these rare bottles.

I'm always looking for bottles I don't have. Please contact me if you have something I don't.


First up is a picture of my most prized bottle.  The Sterling Silver, of which only 7 are known with collectors.  There were up to 100 made, most sent to Japan, and it's extremely rare they surface.



Next up is a picture of my overall collection (for the most part). The top row are mostly LMDW bottles. Middle shelf is the Poland collection and a Silver and Takara Gold w/Derby Box. On the smaller shelves the top row is the rare Tezuka 100th and the Korean releases.  The next shelf contains various Blanton's merchandise and marketing.  Below that are my Japanese 30th Anniversary and Memory of Yujiro bottles. The second shelf from the bottom is a first years for black, SFTB, and red.  Also a Takara Gold rectangle derby box, and a box of early 90's Japanese mini's.  Additional details below.

Memory of Yujiro, Blanton's 30th, and some Japanese Mini's including Black mini.


Blanton's golf ball markers (markers spell B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S).  Japanese poster and Japanese stands.  LMDW Golden Promise, Greek SFTB, and a few dusty bottles I hunted in Japan.


Various (mostly Japanese) merchandise including a unique bar menu advertisement.


Korean bottles.  Note the 500ml size.  These are 2 of the 3 500ml bottles ever produced.


Complete Polish M&P collection 2014-2020


My Older LMDW Bottles including the 2007 "Private Stock"


Silver edition paired with silver stoppers and a silver topped display from Japan.  Takara Gold Hexagonal Box.


The "standard lineup" of currently regularly bottled Blanton's expressions.  Opened for drinking.


Another view showing some of the current inventory of "future drinkers" in the barrel and on the bottom shelf.  About 15 other bottles that are in inventory are not shown.


Finally one of my prize bottles is the extremely rare Tezuka 100th Anniversary (never sold in retail).