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Rarity Index Definitions

This is my own subjective opinion and rating scale based on my personal experiences collecting and speaking with many Blanton's "uber collectors".  In addition I have spent countless hours with the research and developing this website. The best way to view this scale is to ask yourself, if you had money to burn, how easily would it be to obtain these bottles?


Note that that price can still vary significantly within each of these categories. For example, in the "Unicorn" category it's generally considered that the "Starling/Sterling" is more valuable than a "Tenzuka 100th Anniversary" despite both being nearly impossible to find.


This bottle is sold on the primary US market.  The original 93 proof Blanton's, and now Gold and STFB are examples.  While they might not seem common because you can't usually find it easily in your local liquor store, they are produced in generally large quantities and are easily found on the secondary market.


Generally bottles that are only distributed to international markets fall into this category Simply because they are not sold in retail in the USA.  They are usually available on the secondary market if you want to pay for it. Examples would include Japanese "Takara" releases.


Pretty difficult to find but if you have the cash, you can get it with a little hunting.  Blanton's Silver is a good example. It's been discontinued for 10+ years now. It's out there, but you have to either pay a huge (overinflated) amount at one of the few US liquor stores selling it online, or convince someone to sell you one they previously hunted. 


More difficult than Rare...a bottle in this category would be something like the "Memory of Yujiro" and "30th Anniversary"  Exclusive to Japan they will pop up once or twice a year online if you know where to look and have a way to get them back to the USA. 

Exceptionally Rare

Pretty damn hard.  Likely you won't see this bottle pop up for sale very frequently and and you need to hunt for quite awhile to get one. Examples include some older La Maison du Whisky bottles. With the market for Blanton's (and Bourbon in general) obviously exploding, this category is rapidly merging with Unicorns as bottles disappear.


Have a kidney to sell?  You're going to have to do that to afford one of these...and that's if you can find it.  An example is the Starling/Sterling Silver bottle.  Extremely low production and only a 7-8 which are known to exist. These bottles never turn up "for sale". You have to hunt and work your network for years to acquire one. Buy a new car instead or simply collect something else.

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